The History of Dog & Cat Hospital in Norfolk

Dog & Cat Hospital in Norfolk has always been locally owned and operated and it was originally established in 1937 by Dr. James S. Landis and his father. The hospital has been a staple in the downtown Norfolk community for more than 70 years. The hospital functioned as a “father and son” practice until 1948 when it was purchased by Dr. Paul J. Landis, who surprisingly was no relation to the original father and son proprietors of the same name!

In 1979, Dr. Ron Hallstrom began practicing with Dr. Paul Landis, and then the practice changed ownership again when in 1987, Dr. Hallstrom purchased the hospital and “Dr. Paul” retired. In the intervening time, Dog & Cat Hospital has grown into a much larger practice, boasting five doctors, more than twenty support staff members and a wide variety of patients care services.

Dog & Cat Hospital Today

hallstrom_workingOur doctors at Dog & Cat Hospital are highly trained, with a vast knowledge of veterinary medicine. They often work together as a team to solve your pet’s health issues, plan a course of veterinary treatment action, and help pets live long, healthy lives with their families. Our veterinarians and Licensed Veterinary Technicians complete several hours of continuing education at national conferences each year, in order to improve their knowledge and skills and better enable them to offer your pet the high-quality care and treatment that they need.

From Dog & Cat Hospital’s inception, it has always been the goal to go the extra mile in order to ensure that each and every pet has the best care and treatment possible, and this remains our primary goal today.